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I love to write music for theatre. Instrumental music, songs, soundscapes and full-on musical. Read about some of my projects below.


Together with writer and director Kiki Jaski  I form the core of Theater Jaski. A theatre company that creates musical theatre for children, often in collaboration with the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. 
We collaborate with the finest musicians in The Netherlands.

Read all about our projects at
Schermafbeelding 2021-05-23 om 22.22.05.


My brother Keez and I wrote music for the acclaimed Showponies I & II by Alex Klaasen. A modern variety show about diversity. In 2021 we will compose and arrange for the Christmas edition 'SNOWPONIES'. We'll also join the ponies on tour. If you want to catch us check  De Nationale Theaterkassa for tickets and info.


Since 2011 I am the composer and songwriter from Berg & Bos. Writer Rik van de Bos, actor Maurits van de Berg and I created new plays at Oerol-festival and in theatres. Read more at


When I was small I listened to the radio all the time. It was my dream to hear my own songs on there sometime.
I have been very lucky to write for popular Dutch artists such as Glennis Grace, Paul de Leeuw, and Do and hope to keep doing so!
Here's a Spotify playlist with some of the songs I (co-)wrote.


A few years ago I met Freek & Eric. Two extremely creative percussionists who can make music on anything. Their mission: make music for children fun and accessible. I write songs for them regularly. For the music & lyrics of BOEM PATS KLEDDER EN BOINK I got nominated for the Willem Wilmink prize for best song for kids in 2021.


Me, my brother Keez, Henry van Loon and Alex Klaasen form the Dutch band HEAR (Henry & Alex Rock).
We play regularly at summer festival De Parade and write parodies on famous Dutch artists. A lot of fun to do.
Have a listen on Spotify.
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